Assorted Tealights

Assorted Tealights

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In November 2020, we have launched our line of unscented and scented tealights. They are made of 100% eco-friendly materials, including soy wax and cotton wicks. Our scented tealights also contained pure essential oils for added aromatherapy benefits.

  • Lavender oil: smooth and soothing scent, helps increase calmness and sleep quality.
  • Bergamot oil: citrusy and refreshing scent, helps relieve stress and elevate mood.
  • Ylang-Ylang oil: sweet and uplifting scent, helps improve mood and reduce anxiety.
  • Eucalyptus oil: minty and powerful scent, helps reduce stress and boost relaxation.
  • Sweet Orange oil: sweet and citrusy scent, helps freshen air and lift mood.
  • Pine oil: warm and woody scent, helps relieve stress and add cosiness.

Burn time: approx. 6 hours per tealight

These tealights are handcrafted in Nottingham using 100% pure essential oils, soy wax, and cotton wicks with no artificial ingredients. Each scented candle has also been thoroughly tested for your safety and is accompanied by the SDS. 

All of our tealights are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, plastic-free, and suitable for vegans. With natural ingredients, reusable tin, recycled paper label, and recycled/recyclable card box filled with biodegradable wood wool filler, our tealights have been specifically designed to provide you with delicate fragrances and aromatherapy benefits, as well as ensure that when you show care to yourself, you show care to the planet as well.