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Hello everyone!
We are delighted to welcome you to our shop. Essential Self Care is our first business venture as a married couple. Although the business is almost as young as our relationship (we met in 2018), the idea of making eco-friendly candles with unique essential oil blends actually came to me (Luke) when I was a teenager. I suppose crafting has run in my family (my mum has her own craft shop). On the contrary, Anne has left her art years behind her. She was just focusing on her law career when we first met. However, Anne is very supportive of every dream I have, and that is probably why she agreed to help me with my first business.

But even Anne and I could not do it by ourselves. Thanks to our family and friends who have supported us over the years, we were able to get to where we are now. It was also because of our customers who choose to buy our candles. For us and many other small businesses, every single sale is incredibly meaningful as it makes both financial and emotional impacts on our lives, especially when we receive positive feedback from our customers regarding our products (it is extreme joy!).

In order to create the Essential Self Care candles, we have spent days and nights and spared no expense testing and experimenting with different ingredients to ensure the optimal performance and beautiful aesthetics of the final products. As candlemakers, our goal is to create a uniquely aromatic yet stunning, eco-friendly yet personalised product that would make a perfect gift to yourself or your loved ones (and we would be happy to purchase ourselves!). That is why we chose to use only soy wax and pure essential oils in our candles. Not only are our ingredients safe as they are sourced from only high quality, reliable vendors, they also do not contain any chemicals and can provide wonderful aromatherapy benefits to our customers.

Further, we want to make Essential Self Care not only a brand of beautifully fragrant candles (that also look as good as they smell), but also a platform to share our experience with self care and self love. Knowing that our journey ahead will be more and more challenging, we want to use this brand as a reminder to ourselves to put our wellbeing first. Essential Self Care is definitely not a stage for us to preach our opinions, it is our journal to overcome our own anxiety and self doubt to make our dream a reality. We hope that this experience of ours may be helpful to someone.    

In the end, we know that this is only the start of our journey and business, but we are honestly excited about our products, and the future they hold.

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