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To kick off our small business community blog series we thought it would only be right to begin with the brand that started it all, Shop Zero. I first met Sarah from Shop Zero before Essential Self Care was even a fully formed idea in my head. At the time I was an aspiring photographer looking for freelance work to build my portfolio when I reached out to Sarah offering my product photography services.
After spending an hour or so chatting away with Sarah while taking some photos, I left the shop feeling truly inspired both by Sarahs' passion for her business as well as the brands ethos and zero waste message. Fast forward several months, Anne and myself have created our own self care brand, have our own line of candles and are looking to start promoting our products and our message to a wider audience. It was at this point Anne suggested contacting Sarah to bring our products into Shop Zero, which made complete sense as the message of our two brands aligned so well. After testing a couple of samples, Sarah seemed to really like our candles and thought her customers would love them too. Splendid! We now had our first reseller.
As we have gotten to know Sarah more over the last few months we have developed a true admiration and respect for her as a small business owner and a member of the small business community. Changing career paths from being a teacher to opening her own successful zero waste store, all whilst looking after her 2 children is nothing short of impressive. Although what is possibly even more impressive is that she has managed to keep her business running despite all the challenges of this incredibly difficult year and the constant construction work she has had to endure just on the doorstep of her store.
Sarah is truly a wonderful example of a small business owner and has been the voice of small businesses in Nottingham. What makes Shop Zero even more special is their support for other small businesses, by stocking and promoting local products, there is no doubt that they have been a massive help to keep small businesses alive during these difficult times.
If you would like to help support this wonderful store and the small brands they stock this Christmas, you can find all their products in the Shop Zero store in Nottingham City Centre or through their online store ( We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to support small businesses this year so we urge you to do your bit and help get word out by sharing the blog posts in this Small Business Community series and by checking out Shop Zero along with all the other businesses we will be discussing in future posts.

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