Small Business Community - Introduction

If this pandemic has shown us anything in recent months, especially here in the UK, it is community! From people offering their time to shop for those in need, to small businesses offering free meals to kids who would otherwise go hungry. It has been truly heart warming to see so many people coming together to help one another during these challenging times.
Speaking of difficult times, it is evident that this period has likely been the harshest on small business owners, many of whom have gone bust or have struggled to get by for many months now. As small business owners ourselves we are all too aware of how difficult this year has been for many, although we have been fortunate enough to have our day jobs to fall back on unlike many other small business owners who don’t have that safety net.
Since starting Essential Self Care we have been lucky to work with some incredible small businesses who share many of the same values that we do ourselves. So to give back to these wonderful businesses and the small business community as a whole, we have decided that during the run up to Christmas we are going to dedicate a number of blog posts to our fantastic partners and other brands who we have fallen in love with.
Believe us when we say it is more important than ever to shop small this year so please help support small businesses by shopping with them this Christmas.

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