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Self Care Can Sometimes Mean Quitting

Have you ever thought about quitting?  Does it make you feel good or bad? Do you know why it makes you feel so?  Does what other people think affect whether you want to quit or not?  Recently my mind has been plagued with these questions. At first I thought they just came from being exhausted with studying and working full-time. In June, I finished my last exam for my previous course and switched to working full-time. Then in July, after many long discussions with my family, I decided to change my course to start in August instead of September. And the struggle really hit me. Like a meteor!

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Small Business Community - Introduction

If this pandemic has shown us anything in recent months, especially here in the UK, it is community! From people offering their time to shop for those in need, to small businesses offering free meals to kids who would otherwise go hungry. It has been truly heart warming to see so many people coming together to help one another during these challenging times.

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Self Care When You're in a Relationship

I've had a few stressful days lately so Luke told me to take today off. But it's blogging Wednesday and it's my highlight of the week so I decided to do it still, maybe a bit sooner so I can make some curry - that's Luke's highlight of this week.Today I'd like to write about self care when you're in a relationship because it seems like a topic less talked about but it's truly affected me so much since I got married last year.

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